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International Women's Day 2022 Team

The ESK blog

The Women of ESK

08 March 2022

Every March we stand up and give a massive shout out to empowered women around the globe. From the absolute wonders of childbirth and breastfeeding, to totally owning it in a boardroom, to standing up against intolerance, violence and inequality the world over, let’s fist pump our sisters! I love cheering on amazing women everywhere. Including the absolute A-team at ESK.

Our tiny team is made up of complete pro chicks that I love working with. They’re smart, hardworking, fun, creative, committed, innovative, ethical and fierce. So, who better to ask about what they love about being a woman?

Casey, Customer Service Guru (and my Facebook Live partner in crime);

The best thing about being a woman is the support, encouragement, and confidence that we give to each other. We understand the challenges that we each face better than anyone else - relationships, mum guilt, the mental load, PMS - and we help each through these challenges with understanding, support, encouragement, wine and chocolate. And shoes. We really do have a better choice of shoes than the guys!

Jade, Social Media whiz;

For me the best thing about being a woman is feeling so soft and strong in all that I am. My heart, emotions, empathy and bravery are all so soft yet so strong.

Emma, creative marketing prodigy (who’s also a stylist as her side hustle!);

I feel confident to embrace my inner creativity, style and passion freely.

Mahla, creative marketing maestro;

We own our feelings and are proud enough to express them. We’re compassionate and vulnerable, bold and soft, warm and embracing. The power of communication between women is amazing – we talk a lot! When I think of the stories and advice from my grandmother, my mother and my aunties, I feel nurtured, powerful and damn proud.

Tess, Customer service wunderkind (with her own fan club);

Where do I start and finish! The compassion and maternal instincts we have to help and listen with no questions asked. Need someone to hold your new born - got it, need that shoulder to cry on when life gets tough - here you go. Obviously I HAVE to include the superhero multitasking skills…..

Dana, ESK’s maven-in-chief (Heard hourly in our office; “Dana, how do I…..?)

I feel so lucky that as a Woman feeling and expressing my emotions freely is socially acceptable (and I hope one day Men will share this acceptance with us also!!). On the lighter side, I love being feminine - makeup, sappy books, romance, flowers, pretty clothes, and having the best group of girl friends around!

Kelly, marketing superhero;

The best thing about being a woman to me means being a better multi-tasker; feeling the breeze up my skirt on a hot, summers day; crying the whole way through The Notebook; Singing Mariah Carey at the top of my lungs; emotionally connecting with the people around me; being sensitive, emotional, excited, empathetic. Being a woman to me is allowing myself to be and feel and do whatever it is my heart desires.

Sydney, our US office manager and ironically the only staff member not in Sydney!

Our strength, our compassion, our girl talk and bonding in the bathroom, and of course lipstick!

So I asked Daniel, my ever smiling, genius Managing Director (AKA my husband and the father of 3 amazing daughters) what he likes best about working in an office with all women;

I don't really think about it. It just really makes me happy to be working with really nice, talented, fun people.

I couldn’t agree more.

To all the women out there, Happy International Women’s Day!